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  • Fundamentals & advanced elements of Board Governance
  • Innovation leadership & successful implementation of innovation culture
  • Leadership @ internet.speed
  • Systems & Network Thinking
  • Coaching Others for Improved Performance
  • Strategic Thinking, Planning and Implementation
  • Market Positioning & Branding
  • Leading complex organizational change
  • Ethical Leadership & Social Accountability
  • Financial/Risk Management

Executives are demanding learners. They challenge, they question, and yes, sometimes they have a hard time letting go of their current perspectives! They have seen/experienced a lot already in their careers, yet they too need continuous improvement, updating, and re-energizing.

Banff Executive Leadership's programs are intensive; provide a work-out both mentally and in applied-practice sessions. We provide both practical tools and stretch environments to allow comparison with your peers. Few of our alumni would suggest our programs were a 'holiday' – most would say they were high impact, career-enhancing events. Academic programs have their place; BEL's sessions however, are designed to refine your actual actions, acumen, and impact. Our faculty members are former/current executives themselves, or specialty area experts - well recognized in their field.

About The Show

Doug Macnamara and Boardroom Plugged-In is all about helping executives advance to the next level. However, not only executives can benefit from Boardroom Plugged-In…organizations, business owners and managers, Board Chairs and existing board members, plus those looking to sit on a governing board… the benefits are numerous with Boardroom Plugged-In.

Banff Executive Leadership Inc. offers public and customized programs in Board Governance and Executive Leadership practices. We also provide strategic thinking/planning facilitation & organizational consulting; we use ongoing competency-based research and active learning approaches in our design to ensure our development experiences are practical, and up-to-date. Participants take home tools, models, and insight they can apply to their own circumstances, and put to work right away.

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Who is Doug MacNamara?

Doug Macnamara is the President of Banff Executive Leadership. Doug is a trusted catalyst for complex, transformational change. He is one of Canada's top facilitators of Governance & Executive Leadership Development, strategic retreats, and difficult multi-party issues exploration/resolution. His approach challenges participants to explore timely, wise, and practical application of leading governance & leadership principles to their unique environments. With more than 30 years' experience in Leadership, Governance & Executive Development, Strategic Facilitation and overall Organizational Development, he has specialized in strategy formulation and implementation, wilderness/high risk environments, organizational leadership, branding, and sales/marketing/service development.

Boardroom Plugged-In helping executives advance to the next level!


BEL's program was just the thing I needed. It catapulted me leaps and bounds from where I was. I continue to go back to the material and use it as a resource.

Carol Whiteman
President & CEO/Producer
Creative Women Workshops

This was by far the best executive program I have had the opportunity to take part in.

Jose Gouveia
Regional Director
VivaVision , Brazil

Having attended a couple of BEL executive programs, I am impressed by their top - notch faculty, excellent learning environment, engaging processes, and program content which is very applicable to my day-to-day leadership challenges.

Stuart McKellar
Counsel Alberta Treasury Branches

This is an excellent program. Doug covers information and processes directly pertinent to the activities of the Board of Directors of our portfolio companies.

Mathew George
Vice President of Portfolio Management
TELUS Ventures

Doug Macnamara was very helpful in guiding the Government of the Northwest Territories' efforts in developing a governance framework which will guide the government's relationship with all NWT boards and agencies. This work is breaking trail from coast to coast and we welcomed the insightful comments and feedback we received on the project.

Gabriela Sparling
Associate Deputy Minister,
Department of Executive Government Northwest Territories

Doug Macnamara and Banff Executive Leadership provided a stimulating and insightful facilitation of our Council retreat. Focused on improving our functioning, Doug displayed great sensitivity to Council issues, dealt surely with the agenda, and allowed us to achieve our goals in an atmosphere of trust and fun!

Robert A. (Bob) Burns
Past Registrar College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta

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Phil Quirke
Dean of Education Abu Dhabi Men's College

The BEL experience has greatly benefited several of the senior managers at APTN this year. Doug Macnamara and his team have provided us with rich learning experiences that have helped us look at issues and challenges in a new light. The interaction with other key players in the industry was also a superb learning tool. I have since asked Doug to coach our Senior Management Team & Board through our strategic planning process and the team is now richer thanks to his knowledge, experience and expertise. We have tapped into Doug's experience and wisdom now for over 11 years, and he continues to be a source of knowledge able to bring the right ideas to the table at the right time.

Jean LaRose
APTN - Aboriginal Peoples Television Network

It works, it works! I feel like a much better leader/manager after doing the Asia-Australia media Executive Program - more importantly however, we both put into practice quite a few of the techniques/lessons learned at the program and genuinely experienced valuable impact from these initiatives. Since the program we have further engaged Doug Macnamara to guide us in a strategic planning process for the screen industry of Western Australia, most recently in New South Wales and my colleagues in other states also have benefitted from his services.

Tania Chambers
Immediate Past Chief Executive New South Wales Film & Television

A real education in the true sense of the word - giving us wider horizons and a glimpse of how to become the best that we can be. And for the Green Bay, Doug delivered a battery of practical tools which can help us frame our strategy for the future.

John Geraint
Creative Director & Partner
Green Bay Media, U.K.

Doug delivered one of the most impactful weeks in my life in Strasbourg. What a thrilling experience. What a brilliant extension of my network. I really have to congratulate you on the quality of the course. I will recommend it/you to a lot of people.

Geert Vanvaerenbergh
Managing Partner

We all feel we are good managers & executives, but this course helped us examine and take our management practices to a higher level. A huge benefit for participants and their organizations!

Pol O' Gallchoir
TG4, Ireland

I participated in Doug's first Global Leadership Development Program at SGI. I have experienced many leadership programs in the years since then, and it is still one of the best I have seen for really stretching and connecting senior leaders with what matters most. As a leader himself, Doug combines great energy, human warmth, sincerity and integrity with sharp business acumen. He makes a big difference in my personal practice.

Cherry Mill
Principal Consultant
The Oxford Group, Bankside | Hanborough Business Park

I have been both a student of Doug's, when I attended the Banff Executive Leadership program, and a consultant with him on a project for one of his clients. Doug is an exceptional teacher and the Banff Executive Leadership program is one of the best in the world. I learned a great deal when I attended the course and even more when I was asked by him to present years later. Further, I recommend his media consulting services to many of our international clients. His skills in understanding and executing change management in the media space are exceptional and his experience and knowledge second to none. He works tirelessly and is always looking for ways to improve his performance and the performance of the companies he advises.

Gavin McGarry
Jumpwire Media
Toronto, New York, London

When it comes to depth of knowledge and experience in regards to leadership, strategic management and governance issues, Doug Macnamara truly knows his stuff. He has worked around the globe with an impressive range of clients. He especially excels at working with senior leadership people who want to go further and deeper with their learning than they have perhaps ever gone before.

Michael Kerr
Humour at Work Institute

had the pleasure of working with Doug on several occasions through Banff Executive Leadership courses. Doug is extremely intelligent and highly strategic. He is a master at looking at complex business situations and applying principles and models to them. Doug's style is thought provoking and encourages great dialogue among participants. His positive personality makes him such a pleasure to work with. I have so much respect for Doug!

Susan Schaefer
VP Marketing
Corus Television

The prime source of intelligence on leadership and governance. Doug excels at whatever he tackles - as a corporate executive, administrator and entrepreneur. His being and reputation are synonymous with Banff – in substance and grandeur….at least in terms of realizing a vision! Facilitator (or cultivator) extraordinaire, Doug's gift is his ability to inspire others to catalyze action and with astute counsel, helps keep all on track.

Debra Amidon
Founder and CEO
ENTOVATION International Ltd

As a participant in the non-profit leadership development program at The Banff Centre I can attest that Doug's leadership in the development and facilitation of the program was pivotal in the evolution of my organization. In more recent times, Doug has continued to demonstrate his leadership by writing thought provoking articles and demonstrating new ways to facilitate meaningful conversations about issues that matter. Although Doug can give you the same old stuff, his strength is to facilitate thought leadership.

Gael MacLeod, Councillor
City of Calgary
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